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This project provides tools to create IPS (Image Packaging System) packages for the GlassFish contrib repository.

Terms of Use

Please read GlassFish Terms of Use and join this project to contribute your software to the GlassFish Update Center Repository. The Terms of Use applies to everyone who contributes software to the GlassFish Update Center Repository, or who participates in any Projects hosted on the Repository.

Why does it matter?

GlassFish Update Center provides product updates and add-ons through the industry-strength Update Center 2.0 based on Image Packaging System (IPS). IPS is supported on all major operating systems such as Solaris, Windows, Linux, Mac, etc. Also, easy installation of new packages with a single click or a CLI command is possible. With massive adoption of GlassFish (14 Millions downloads), the GlassFish Update Center becomes the most attractive way to distribute software components that runs on GlassFish to the users. This opens up a whole new range of possibilities.

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